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Installation and maintenance of MINOS offline software base releases

Simple starts: a "development base release"

By default, the initial installation of the MINOS offline software will give you a development base release (see here for definitions) using a read-only repository access method.

Installation (and maintenance) of base releases are handled with a tool called msrt. One can read details of this tool here, but for the initial install one needs to only follow these steps:

  1. Get msrt.

  2. At your shell prompt, type: msrt help

  3. Follow the 12 Step Program shown in the output.

Cooling down: a "frozen base release"

You can also install a frozen base release using msrt. To do this you use a particular frozen release's label which is of the form RX.Y.Z. If you have already followed the 12 Step Program, then just do these steps in addition. If your initial install will be a frozen base release then substitute these following steps with those in the 12 Step Program matching the numbers in (parenthesis).
  1. (5) Set up your SRT environment in your usual way (most likely by sourcing your setup_minossoft script).

  2. (6) Create the frozen release using the desired label:
          msrt release -r RX.Y.Z

  3. (10) Finally build the release:
          msrt build -r RX.Y.Z

To make this frozen release "current" in your environment issue the command:
    srt_setup SRT_BASE_RELEASE=RX.Y.Z

Update the code

To update the code in a release invoke msrt like
    msrt update [ -r <release-name> ] [ Package1 Package2 ...]
With no options you will update all packages in the development release.

Update the database

To update the MySQL database tables invoke msrt like
    msrt filldb -U <URL> -u <USER> -p <PASS> 
The URL, USER and PASS are as you set them when setting up MySQL by following this page.

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