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Online Computer Help

For CVS, GDB, GCC, Make, Emacs, Kerberos, ROOT, SRT, Leak Checkers and Unix

Help files and manuals from the GNU website are included below. You can visit the official GNU website at http://www.gnu.org

Mark Messier's page with simple CVS hints and commands
CVS Manual: very thorough manual on CVS
Comprehensive CVS Manual: The GNU manual on CVS

An Introduction To Make: From the GNU website
GNU Make Manual: From the GNU website

GNU GCC Manual: The GNU manual on GCC

Emacs Primer: an introduction to Emacs by Alan Wehmann
Emacs Reference Card
Comprehensive Emacs Manual: The GNU manual on Emacs

Official GNU Emacs Reference:
prompt> info emacs
ROOT and other External Products
How to make ROOT and JobControl play nice: Talking to bare ROOT and talking to ROOT during JobControl path processing

SRT Users Guide/Tutorial: the user's guide/tutorial for the Fermilab version of Software Release Tools

Debugging with GDB: From the GNU Website
GDB Manual: From the GNU Website

Leak Checkers
We use both our own, a public domain one one built into ROOT, and the comercial one Insure++. There are some notes here

Desktop setup documentation
Kerberos: applying for your kerberos principal and CRYPTOCard

Unix: Other Unix references on the CERN website

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