Running doxygen

doxygen is a powerful tool to document C++ code. We use it on our code.

To run doxygen locally:-

  1. Install doxygen

    I found it easiest just to get the binary tar from the binary download page. The install instructions:- ./configure make install failed for me because Doxywizard was missing, but all you really need is:- bin/doxygen so copy that to a directory in your path or update your path to include it.

  2. Run doxygen

    Type:- $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/WebDocs/doxygen/run_doxygen.sh which

    1. Creates the file packages.doxygen that contains all the packages in the development release (apart from a few that are not part of the offline software).
    2. Runs doxygen with the file loon.doxygen which configures doxygen and tells it to use the list of directories defined in packages.doxygen.

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