AnnInputBlock Struct Reference

#include <AnnInputBlock.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const AnnInputBlock &rhs)

Public Attributes

Double_t aTotrk
Double_t aTotstp
Double_t aTotph
Double_t aTotlen
Double_t aPhperpl
Double_t aPhperstp
Double_t aTrkpass
Double_t aTrkph
Double_t aTrklen
Double_t aTrkphperpl
Double_t aTrkphper
Double_t aTrkplu
Double_t aTrkplv
Double_t aTrkstp
Double_t aShwph
Double_t aShwstp
Double_t aShwdig
Double_t aShwpl
Double_t aShwphper
Double_t aShwphperpl
Double_t aShwphperdig
Double_t aShwphperstp
Double_t aShwplu
Double_t aShwplv
Double_t aShwstpu
Double_t aShwstpv
Double_t aPh3
Double_t aPh6
Double_t aPhlast
Double_t aPhcommon
Double_t aTimemax
Double_t aTimemin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file AnnInputBlock.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool AnnInputBlock::operator== ( const AnnInputBlock rhs  )  [inline]

Definition at line 70 of file AnnInputBlock.h.

References aPh3, aPh6, aPhcommon, aPhlast, aPhperpl, aPhperstp, aShwdig, aShwph, aShwphper, aShwphperdig, aShwphperpl, aShwphperstp, aShwpl, aShwplu, aShwplv, aShwstp, aShwstpu, aShwstpv, aTotlen, aTotph, aTotrk, aTotstp, aTrklen, aTrkpass, aTrkph, aTrkphper, aTrkphperpl, aTrkplu, aTrkplv, and aTrkstp.

00070                                                                {
00073   if(aTotrk!=rhs.aTotrk) return false;
00074   if(aTotstp!=rhs.aTotstp) return false;
00075   if(aTotph!=rhs.aTotph) return false;
00076   if(aTotlen!=rhs.aTotlen) return false;
00077   if(aPhperpl!=rhs.aPhperpl) return false;
00078   if(aPhperstp!=rhs.aPhperstp) return false;
00080   if(aTrkpass!=rhs.aTrkpass) return false;
00081   if(aTrkph!=rhs.aTrkph) return false;
00082   if(aTrklen!=rhs.aTrklen) return false;
00083   if(aTrkphperpl!=rhs.aTrkphperpl) return false;
00084   if(aTrkphper!=rhs.aTrkphper) return false;
00085   if(aTrkplu!=rhs.aTrkplu) return false;
00086   if(aTrkplv!=rhs.aTrkplv) return false;
00087   if(aTrkstp!=rhs.aTrkstp) return false;
00089   if(aShwph!=rhs.aShwph) return false;
00090   if(aShwstp!=rhs.aShwstp) return false;
00091   if(aShwdig!=rhs.aShwdig) return false;
00092   if(aShwpl!=rhs.aShwpl) return false;
00093   if(aShwphper!=rhs.aShwphper) return false;
00094   if(aShwphperpl!=rhs.aShwphperpl) return false;
00095   if(aShwphperdig!=rhs.aShwphperdig) return false;
00096   if(aShwphperstp!=rhs.aShwphperstp) return false;
00097   if(aShwplu!=rhs.aShwplu) return false;
00098   if(aShwplv!=rhs.aShwplv) return false;
00099   if(aShwstpu!=rhs.aShwstpu) return false;
00100   if(aShwstpv!=rhs.aShwstpv) return false;
00102   if(aPh3!=rhs.aPh3) return false;
00103   if(aPh6!=rhs.aPh6) return false;
00104   if(aPhlast!=rhs.aPhlast) return false;
00105   if(aPhcommon!=rhs.aPhcommon) return false;
00108   return true;
00109 }

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