fill_stdhep.h File Reference

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namespace  inuke_reweight


int inuke_reweight::fill_stdhep (const NtpMCTruth &t, const TClonesArray &stdheps)
int inuke_reweight::fill_stdhep (const TClonesArray &stdheps, int ilow, int ihigh)
int inuke_reweight::add_to_stdhep (const NtpMCStdHep &p, int offset, const TClonesArray &stdheps)
void inuke_reweight::clear_stdhep (bool hardclear=false)
void inuke_reweight::print_stdhep (int iopt)
void inuke_reweight::test_fill_stdhep (const char *filename, int entry=0)
void inuke_reweight::stdhep_to_nuclear_coordinates ()
void inuke_reweight::truncate_geant_daughters ()
void inuke_reweight::rotate_vhep ()

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