DigiPE Member List

This is the complete list of members for DigiPE, including all inherited members.
DigiPE(const DigiPE &rhs)DigiPE
DigiPE(Double_t time, PlexPixelSpotId &spot, const DigiScintHit *hitptr)DigiPE
DigiPE(Double_t time, PlexPixelSpotId &spot, Int_t source)DigiPE
fHitPointerDigiPE [private]
fPixelSpotIdDigiPE [private]
fSourceDigiPE [private]
fTimeDigiPE [private]
GetHitPointer() const DigiPE [inline]
GetNpe() const DigiPE [inline]
GetPixelSpotId() const DigiPE [inline]
GetSource() const DigiPE [inline]
GetTime() const DigiPE [inline]
IsAfterpulse() const DigiPE
IsDarkNoise() const DigiPE
IsFibreLight() const DigiPE
SetHitPointer(const DigiScintHit *hitptr)DigiPE [inline]
SetPixelSpotId(PlexPixelSpotId &spot)DigiPE [inline]
SetTime(double time)DigiPE [inline]

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