UtilMisc.h File Reference

#include <vector>

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namespace  UtilMisc


enum  UtilMisc::EIType {
  UtilMisc::kNuECC, UtilMisc::kNuMuCC, UtilMisc::kNuTauCC, UtilMisc::kNuNC,
  UtilMisc::kCRMu, UtilMisc::kCRNeutron, UtilMisc::kMCOther, UtilMisc::kData


double UtilMisc::OscProb (const AtmosMC &MCInfo, double *sigma=0)
double UtilMisc::OscProb (double DCosY, double NuE, double *sigma=0)
void UtilMisc::Trade (double *V1, double *V2)
void UtilMisc::Trade (int *V1, int *V2)
void UtilMisc::RangeIt (int *V, int R1, int R2)
bool UtilMisc::IdIsChargedLepton (int Id)
bool UtilMisc::IdIsNeutralLepton (int Id)
bool UtilMisc::IdIsNeutrino (int Id)
bool UtilMisc::IdIsLepton (int Id)
short UtilMisc::IType (const AtmosEvent *event)
void UtilMisc::ReportEvent (const AtmosEvent *event)
std::string UtilMisc::EventAsString (const AtmosEvent *event)
short UtilMisc::DetectorWall (double *Vtx, double *Cos, double *DetVtx)

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