NCEventAdder.h File Reference

#include "TString.h"
#include "Registry/Registry.h"

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class  NC::IEventAdder
 Interface from which event adders should derive. More...
class  NC::EventAdderBase
 Functionality common to all current event adders. More...
class  NC::FakeDataAdder
 Every MC event is added to both the MC and "data" spectra. More...
class  NC::SplitFakeDataAdder
 Each MC event is added to either the MC or "data" spectra. More...
class  NC::RealDataAdder
 Adds MC chains to the MC spectra and data chains to the data spectra. More...
class  NC::MockDataAdder
 Handles the kind of mock data that comes from special input files. More...


namespace  NC


const RegistryNC::EventAdderDefaultConfig ()
 Returns the default configuration registry for event adder options.
IEventAdder * NC::EventAdderBuilder (const Registry &r)
 Inspect r and construct the appropriate IEventAdder subclass.

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