GfxCfg.cxx File Reference

#include "GfxCfg.h"
#include <Midad/Gui/GuiMainWindow.h>
#include <Midad/Gui/GuiButton.h>
#include <Midad/Gui/GuiBox.h>
#include <Midad/Base/RegistryGui.h>
#include <Midad/Base/RegistryDialog.h>

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static void apply_reg_gui (GfxCfg *cfg, RegistryGui *rg)

Function Documentation

static void apply_reg_gui ( GfxCfg cfg,
RegistryGui rg 
) [static]

Definition at line 35 of file Midad/HEAD/MultiPage/GfxCfg.cxx.

References CfgConfigurable::GetConfig(), RegistryGui::GetRegistry(), and CfgConfigurable::Update().

00036 {
00037 //    cerr << "apply_reg_gui\n";
00038     cfg->GetConfig() = rg->GetRegistry();
00039     cfg->Update();
00040 }

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