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#define LEA_CTOR_NM(n, a)   LeaLeakChecker::Instance()->Add(n,a);
#define LEA_DTOR_NM(n, a)   LeaLeakChecker::Instance()->Remove(n,a);
#define LEA_CTOR   LEA_CTOR_NM(__FILE__,this)
#define LEA_DTOR   LEA_DTOR_NM(__FILE__,this)

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#define LEA_CTOR   LEA_CTOR_NM(__FILE__,this)

Definition at line 16 of file LeaMacro.h.

#define LEA_CTOR_NM ( n,
 )     LeaLeakChecker::Instance()->Add(n,a);

Definition at line 14 of file LeaMacro.h.

#define LEA_DTOR   LEA_DTOR_NM(__FILE__,this)

Definition at line 17 of file LeaMacro.h.

#define LEA_DTOR_NM ( n,
 )     LeaLeakChecker::Instance()->Remove(n,a);

Definition at line 15 of file LeaMacro.h.

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