Dbi.h File Reference

#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "Validity/VldContext.h"
#include "Validity/VldTimeStamp.h"

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namespace  DatabaseInterface

Concept Package-wide namespace of utilities and typedef/enums.

namespace  Dbi


typedef Int_t Dbi::Task


enum  Dbi::TaskTypes { Dbi::kAnyTask = -1, Dbi::kDefaultTask = 0 }
enum  Dbi::TypeRegimes { Dbi::kRootRegime = 0, Dbi::kSQLRegime = 1 }
enum  Dbi::DataTypes {
  Dbi::kUnknown, Dbi::kBool, Dbi::kChar, Dbi::kUChar,
  Dbi::kTiny, Dbi::kUTiny, Dbi::kShort, Dbi::kUShort,
  Dbi::kInt, Dbi::kUInt, Dbi::kLong, Dbi::kULong,
  Dbi::kFloat, Dbi::kDouble, Dbi::kString, Dbi::kTString,
enum  Dbi::DbTypes { Dbi::kUnknownDbType = -1, Dbi::kMySQL = 0, Dbi::kOracle = 1 }
enum  Dbi::AbortTest { Dbi::kDisabled, Dbi::kTableMissing, Dbi::kDataMissing }
enum  { Dbi::kMAXLOCALSEQNO = 99999999, Dbi::kMAXTABLENAMELEN = 80 }


std::string Dbi::GetVldDescr (const char *tableName, Bool_t isTemporary=false)
void Dbi::SetLogLevel (int level)
 > Return SQL needed to create VLD table.
Int_t Dbi::GetTimeGate (const std::string &tableName)
 Time gates for each table in secs. Used to trim validity searches.
void Dbi::SetTimeGate (const std::string &tableName, Int_t timeGate)
std::string Dbi::MakeDateTimeString (const VldTimeStamp &timeStamp)
VldTimeStamp Dbi::MakeTimeStamp (const std::string &sqlDateTime, Bool_t *ok=0)
Bool_t Dbi::NotGlobalSeqNo (UInt_t seqNo)

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