AlgRmMu.h File Reference

#include "Algorithm/AlgBase.h"

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class  AlgRmMu


namespace  RmMuMask


static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISMU_MASK = 0x2
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISSHW_MASK = 0x4
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISPHYS_MASK = 0x8
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISSCALED_MASK = 0x10
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_INRECOTRK_MASK = 0x20
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISRETAIN_MASK = 0x40
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_ISMCELEC_MASK = 0x80
static const int RmMuMask::kRMMU_NUM_SHIFT = 8
static const float RmMuMask::kRMMU_SCL_FACT_SCALE = 10000

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