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Guidelines: WebDocs

This is a rough draft! Comments are welcome!

This is the document explaining the layout of WebDocs and how other Web-based MINOS documentation fits in.

Notes on authoring:

WebDocs is a package within the CVS repository. Any links to other documents within the CVS repository should be relative. Example: Link to Plex/doc/README from WebDocs/PackRats/

<a href="../../Plex/doc/README"> </a> Each ../ moves up one directory. Within WebDocs/PackRats/, you need to move up two directories to be within srt_public_context and to access the other packages within CVS.


In general, if a page is becoming obsolete but is still accessed fairly often, links to it should be moved to the bottom of the page it is on. When a page is obsolete, not accessed very often, and no longer being updated, links to it should be moved to OldDocs.html unless there is a compelling reason _not_ to move it.


Installation instructions
  • Anything related to installing a base/test/frozen release of MINOS software goes here.
  • This includes external product installation, use of CVS, ROOT, database products, possibly Kerberos in the future (or link to a Kerberos information site)

  • MINOS supported platforms

  • Anything about or referring to supported platforms should go on this page.

  • The UserManual (html and ps versions)

  • Link to UserManualDoc package in CVS. Changes to this are made through that package.

  • Demojob/MIDAD/Rotorooter

  • Currently contains a simple introductory walk-through and notes on each package.

  • Notes on D,E,F.
  • If significantly more packages get pages in the future, the links could be replaced by an index to packages page. Otherwise, additional package pages can be referenced from here on the WebDocs.html page.

    Question: If significantly more packages had pages, would the links belong on a package help index page or in the Companion?

    (inc. CalDet, HyperNews)    (Same as Offline Packages from the install.html menu)
  • This is where all links go which reference to
    • specific packages where the .html page is not in CVS
    • oo_discussions (since this isn't really WebDocs)
    • Links to PackRats dirctory (since they are about individual packages)
  • If someone has a website about MINOS software that isn't part of WebDocs, a link to it should go on this page with a less than five word description.

  • If there is a better place for the link to go, it should be in both places. ie an oo_discussions page about the DBI/RDBC might go here and on the install_products page.

    NOTE: please make the _entire_ URL readable for things which are not in the WebDocs/ directory or in CVS

    (glossary addition possibilities)
  • Definitions of MINOS-terms

    Understanding Errors

    General computing help

    Links about:
    • CVS
    • Emacs
    • Kerberos
    • ROOT and other External Products
    • SRT
    • Unix
  • Links to help for outside products/resources should be here
  • Nothing pertaining directly to MINOS software should be put here
  • If the product/resource is not currently listed on the WebDocs.html page under general computing help, add it before the ellipsis.

  • Web author hints

  • Notes for people writing MINOS documentation Web sites

  • Offline Requirements

  • Document of Offline requirments in package OfflineReqDoc.

  • MINOS companion

  • Link to MINOS OO Companion

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