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Data File Naming Convention

Roughly speaking, there are four kinds ROOT files in Minos:-
  1. Rerooted file

    e.g.: gm_far_le_noosc.root.
    A "raw" Monte-Carlo file. This contains only Fortran-like objects. It is read by a root job that has:-
    This can then be run through DetSim or RerootExodus to get something that looks like raw data.

  2. Raw data file:

    e.g.: F000006101_0000.mdaq.root
    Where F is for Far Detector (also C for CalDet). The two numbers are the run and sub-run numbers, in this case the first sub-run of run 6101.
    This contains only the RawData blocks: raw detector data from several streams e.g. DaqSnarl, DaqMonitor, LightInjection.

  3. Reconstruction Candidate data file

    The production jobs produce these with an extension .cand..root, e.g. F00006101_0000.cand.R1.0.0a.root
    This contains candidate objects, like CandTracks and CandShowers.

  4. Standard ntuple file

    This is a file with just a single TTree designed for making plots. It is usually the ultimate output of a reconstruction analysis.

    Currently there are actually 4 different ntuple files:-

    1. Extension .ntup..root (e.g. F00006101_0000.ntup.R1.0.0a.root)
      Equivalent of eventsr.root This is an "old" style ntuple.

    2. Extension .ntps..root (e.g. F00006101_0000.ntps.R1.0.0a.root)
      Equivalent of eventsr.sub.root (a slimmed down version of eventsr.root.) This is an "old" style ntuple.

    3. Extension .sntp..root (e.g. F00006101_0000.sntp.R1.0.0a.root)
      This is an "new" style ntuple.

    4. Extension .snts..root (e.g. F00006101_0000.snts.R1.0.0a.root)
      This is an "new" style ntuple.

    The plan is to phase out 1,2 in favor of 3,4. A difference between 1,2 and 3,4, is that while both sets of ntuple data can be viewed in a basic root session using TBrowser, etc., data stored in 1,2 cannot be read back into a subsequent minos job, while data in 3,4 can.
The above was plagiarised from an email exchange between Nathaniel and Sue

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