MINOS Off-line Software Bug Tracking

The purpose of this web is to keep both users and maintainers of the MINOS Off-line Software aware of the current status of known problems. The central page is is the Bug List page

If You Have a Problem

First see if its a known problem or has a known fix:-
  1. Look at this Bug List page
  2. Look at the MINOS Offline Software FAQ
  3. For problems adding your code, take a look at WebDoc document Understanding Error Messages
  4. Your problem may have already been discussed on HyperNews which has a searchable archive

Informal Requests for Help

At any time feel free to send mail to MINOS_SOFTWARE_DISCUSSION@fnal.gov to ask for help if you are having problems installing and running the software, but see below if you think you have found a problem that needs fixing.

Formally Reporting a New Bug

Formal reports also go to MINOS_SOFTWARE_DISCUSSION@fnal.gov but need addtional supporting information:- If the issue isn't resolved quickly then the moderator of this web (currently Nick West (n.west1@physics.ox.ac.uk) ) will record the problem and track information as it is distributed via the software discussion list.
This web was orginally part of the CalDet Site Status web
Contact: Nick West (n.west1@physics.ox.ac.uk)