Bug List

Entries will be made to this page for any serious problem that cannot be fixed within ~ one working day of being reported. Problems fixed more rapidly may also be included if recording them is helpful.

The page is divided into two sections:-

Unresolved Problems

2011-05-16 0009 reco_near_spill_data_base_dogwood5.C job crash

Resolved Problems

2001-07-27 0001 demo job very slow
2001-07-31 0002 rotorooter crash on run1772
2001-08-02 0003 No CandDigits for run 1772
2001-08-03 0004 MIDAD SegV on previous event request
2001-08-09 0005 Assertion `cx.GetDataIn()' failed.
2001-08-20 0006 CALDET: slow rotorootering
2001-12-13 0007 RDBC Problems
2010-09-09 0008 Production Dogwood issues

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Contact: Nick West (n.west1@physics.ox.ac.uk)