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MINOS Web Author Hints


One common difficulty with web pages is that they are constantly evolving. Often readers will print a copy of a page for reference and then months down the road come to question whether the page has been updated. The page formatters for several popular browsers do not include the URL information of what was printed which then forces the user to guess at the URL or attempt to follow links or otherwise attempt to regain information that should be associated with the page. And even if the user can re-discover the page they are still left with the laborious task of checking line-by-line to see whether anything has changed.

Web authors can alleviate some of the difficulty by tagging each page with the URL and last modified information. But keeping this information up-to-date is itself a laborious task. To automate this the WebDocs package pages make use of Server Side Includes (SSI).

To see how to make use of this in your own pages look at the Website Template.

This mechanism also allows for customization based on what server is serving the page.


FNAL Style guide with guidelines and conventions for web pages which will be on FNAL public websites

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