Some tips and other assorted info from Alan Wehmann and Adam Para:

Access to PC software from X-terminal and workstations.

The WinCenter and NuMI NT server PC's are operational. You may access PC by issuing a command:

rsh numiwinctr wincenter -display $DISPLAY

where $DISPLAY (for example identifies the screen you want the PC to pop on.

At the present we have Microsoft Office and Scientific Workplace (very convenient interface to LaTEX and Maple) installed. Microsoft Project is available also. For further notes on use of these machines, see the following reference: Notes on \\numiwinctr and \\numiserver1. For tips on the use of MS Project on \\numiwinctr see Tips for Use of MS Project.

If you want an account on the WinCenter machine, contact Adam Para or Alan Wehmann.

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