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MINOS Offline Computing Documentation

MINOS Home page

Alternative source of documentation: wiki

New Production Release: R2.ZZ with Root version 5.XX.YY

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Links for Beginners
- primers and cribs
WebDocs Navigation, Tutorials, Package Overviews, Concept Overviews. Setup base release at FNAL.
- manuals, glossaries & FAQs
User Manual at FNAL ([HTML], [PS])
Package, software and other glossaries. Minos software FAQ pages and old docs
Production Scripts Documentation
- working and communicating
Global and local organization. Mailing list with archives (also older ones). HyperNews for discussions and meetings.
- to develop, build & debug
Accessing Our Respository. CVS and SRT. Managing base and test releases Random help and tool reviews, utility scripts and hints on handling bugs. Library compile flags + utilities, transitioning to SL5 and 64-bit machines
Off-line Framework
- for reconstruction & analysis
Packages, requirements ([HTML] [PS]), code browsers: doxygen [at FNAL, or local].
Reconstruction Software
- for event analysis
De-multiplexers, Calibration Framework, Standard Reconstruction (SR) classes ([HTML], [PS]), and to-do list.
- of framework & support libs
Supported platforms, Software, Live CD and Database distribution and DB for laptops
- configuring and running
Preparation for and configuring of the offline job. Documentation on libMidad. How to run rotorooter, minfast and reroot.
Running on LCG GRID
Code Development
- both private and public
How to create and use a test release. Our coding conventions in full, hot list, emacs macros. Understanding errors messages. How to document your code\for doxygen. Debugging and optimising. Database Portability Issues.
- problems & progress
Code: Bug tracking through files and JIRA, todo list, changelog, List of Frozen and Snapshot Releases, Package Maintenance
. Sites: FNAL Farm Production Statistics , Data Handling, Nightly Code Build, view local webs.
- from Detectors & Databases
Data: Getting data, Run search (via sam), SAM Data Handling System, XROOTD access, General Data Handling Information, File Names, Standard N-tuples, DbuSubRunSummary search (old)
Database: Overview, Table Status, Distribution, Priming Sets, Update log, Size, Web interface, Laptops.
Hardware Database: DB, development, documentation.
Auxillary Data: Files associated with code releases (via proxy files)
FNAL Systems
- general collaboration computing
general notes cluster basics node overview ganglia local disk usage
Farm Production System:
Production Scripts Documentation
Farm Production Statistics
Instructions for FNAL code Librarian:
How to build stuff at FNAL
Online & DAQ
- not us, but convenient links
CRL, Far/Near DAQ logs, FarDet Status, NearDet Status
Monte Carlo
- beam and detectors
WebDocs Maintenance
- guidelines
Author hints, structure and running doxygen

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