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The VertexFinder calculates the neutrino interaction vertex. It is designed primarily for electron neutrino, NC, and low energy muon neutrino events. The vertex is located by first locating the start of the event in z and then using that information to seed the search for the U/V vertex. Events that are sufficiently long and tracklike will have the track vertex used instead. A call to FindVertex() will fill the internal parameters with the vertex information. If a vertex was unable to be located due to problems with the event FinVertex() will return a value less then 0.

User Interface

The main interface object is the VertexFinder

It is used like this:-

// Instantiate the CandEventSRHandle and VldContext
CandEventSRHandle * ceh;
VldContext * vld;

// Instantiate a VertexFinder Object
VertexFinder vtx_finder(ceh, vld);

// Calculate the Vertex for this event and output results
if(vtx_finder.FindVertex() > 0){
cout << vtx_finder.VtxX() << " "<< vtx_finder.VtxY()<< endl;
cout << vtx_finder.VtxU() << " "<< vtx_finder.VtxV()< cout << vtx_finder.VtxZ() << " "<< vtx_finder.VtxPlane() << endl;


Input Objects

CandEventSRHandle, VldContext

Output Objects


Database Access


Configuring & Running

The package is not configurable by a job user.

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