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This package provides tools for mananging the physical placement of detector elements in 3-space.

See also UgliGeometry Overview

User Interface

The lightweight object UgliGeomHandle is the general user interface to the package. These objects are created with a VldContext:- UgliGeomHandle ugh(vldc); The handles use the UgliLoanPool as a repository for shared information and are thus expected to be built on the stack (i.e. no new) and discareded as necessary in all but the tightest loops.

From the UgliGeomHandle one can then use Plex logical element identifiers to request individual UgliSteelPlnHandle, UgliScintPlnHandle, UgliScintMdlHandle, UgliStripHandle objects. These can be queried for their information about placements and fiber lengths.

Database Access

This package makes use of the following tables:
UgliDbiGeometry Grossest approximation of the detector hall as a rectangular box. The x-y-z entents are held by this table.
UgliDbiScintPlnStruct Describes the number of modules for a plane of any given view and coverage.
UgliDbiStripStruct Describes common features of all strips of a given view, coverage, strip number. These include their total length, the length of the WLS pigtails, and partial lengths and bypass WLS length if split by the coil bypass.
UgliDbiSteelPln Defines the abosulte placement and rotation of an individual steel plane in a detector.
UgliDbiScintPln Defines the placement and rotation of an individual scintillator plane relative to the steel plane to which it is attached.
UgliDbiScintMdl Defines the placement and rotation of a scintillator module on a scintillator plane. It also contains the length of clear fiber cable attached to each end of the module. For CalDet there is the possibility of additional WLS fiber on each end.
UgliDbiStrip Defines the placement and rotation of stips within the scintillator modules. Also provides elements for characterizing the curvature of individual strips.
FabPlnInstall Identifies the actual installation date of a plane (also the slab and module numbers). Used here only to restrict the inclusion of planes during the construction period.

Configuring & Running

The UgliGeometry package can be configured via the UgliLoanPool object. // UgliLoanPool is a CfgConfigurable UgliLoanPool* ulpool = UgliLoanPool::Instance(); ulpool->Set("..."); ulpool->Set("..."); ulpool->Update(); The following are configurable:-

The initial configuration of the UgliLoanPool can be set using the environmental variable ENV_UGLI which can contain a semi-colon separated list of configuration requests.

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