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Nathaniel Tagg.


TriD stands for 'Tri-dimensional Display'. Built on top of Midad, it is an Open-GL based 3D event display. It has, however, fallen into disuse as the display is not very convenient to read.

Compiling TriD requires the GLX and GLU libraries be installed on your system, including header files.

User Interface

TriD requires a job path in which CandDigits are made, nothing more. An example macro for using TriD is in $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/TriD/macros/trid.C.

In addtion, an executable can be built from the TriD/stat directory. Once built, it can be used on either raw data or candidate files by typing:

$ tridshar F00001234_0000.mdaq.root
$ tridshar my_candididate_file.root

Database Access

None besides Plex and UgliGeometry

Configuring & Running

See above

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