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SexyPedestal package has two objectives:
  1. To collect FD pedestal data from any pedestal run file into a ROOT TTree.
  2. Provide a framework for pedestal/sparsification data analysis based on the use of "SexyPedestal" objects.
Those functions are performed by SexyPedReco and SexyPedAna respectively.


The input and output is different for the SexyPedReco and SexyPedAna. SexyPedAna is the analysis code which relies on the SexyPedReco output as an input.

SexyPedReco Input Objects

A pedestal run: "FXXXXXXXX_0000.mdaq.root".

SexyPedReco Output Objects

Is a file called "SexyPedestalTree_XXXXXXXX.root", where a ROOT TTree with the collected pedestal data is held.

At the level of SexyPedReco there is no reconstruction, but the data held in the TTree is minimum: pedestal charge and FEE channel information.

SexyPedAna Input Objects

SexyPedAna uses the ROOT TTree with the pedestal data obtained after running SexyPedReco. The file name is "SexyPedestalTree_XXXXXXXX.root", as mentioned above. Effectively this means that SexyPedAna requires imperatively to have run previously SexyPedReco, so that the file with the TTree is available.

SexyPedAna Output Objects

Is a postcript file called "". This file is a booklet with all the plots summarising the selected analysis performed during the running of SexyPedAna. There are further optional outputs for SexyPedAna, which I do not explain in this brief notes, but I refer you to the NuMI note 998.

Notes on Input/Output

Note on terminology used: "XXXXXXXX" means the run number and "tY" means the type of truncation used for the pedestal analysis. Details on truncation are include in the NuMI note 998.

There are not input or output objects worth mentioning in SexyPedestal package.

However, the pedestal data analysis is performed by means of some objects: "SexyPedestal's" (source of the name to the whole package). Each SexyPedestal is meant to represent - by functioning and information held - a FEE pedestal for a FEE channel.

SexyPedestal's constitute the basis for this package to be a potential pedestal data analysis framework, by using the SexyPedestal to perform operations associated to the intrinsic data of a "pedestal". For example the calculation of sparsification thresholds from the width of truncated pedestals, as it would be eventually performed online at the FD. The idea would be that users could benefit from the use of "SexyPedestal's" to add their own implementation to their analysis/purposes to the package, but starting at rather developed stage, instead of starting from scratch. Please check NuMI note 998 for an account of the analysis already implemented and available in SexyPedAna.

Database Access


Configuring & Running

The configuration for running the SexyPedReco and SexyPedAna happens in:-
ROOT macros respectively. The two macros are copiously commented about the "switches" and options available, therefore I assume they are self-documenting.

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