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Ben Speakman.


The RunSummary package is at its base for fast turn around data processing of data files. Also there are tools to produce run lists for FNAL farms processing, and to make and plot from .rate.root files that contain simplified detector attributes over time to be chained together to view long term detector changes.

User Interface

The command rundmc in the primary tool to run on data files. It sends lists if the three primary run types(Pedestal, Physics, and CalInject)to an appropriate JobControl macro named RunType.C.

The command rate_plot chains together the *.rate.root files to produce different plots of detector rates over time.

Database Access

The access to the DBUSUBRUNSUMMARY and the DCS database tables is forth coming.

Configuring & Running

The RunSummary and RateSummary JobCModules are configured with the JobCModule Set command in the the macro.

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