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Robert Hatcher.


The rotorooter process accepts (via a socket to minimize coupling) flat buffers of data blocks from the DAQ, DCS and beam monitor online systems and writes standard MINOS offline records of raw data block objects.

User Interface


Database Access

Absolutely none.

Configuring & Running

 usage: rotorooter [options] &
   -a: allow file overwriting
   -p: port number rotorooter is listening on
       (numerical value or "daq"/"dcp", "dcs", "beammon")
       or raw data binary file name
   -b: initial buffer size in long words
   -e: direct msgLog errors to stdout as well
   -v: msgLog debug level
   -c: autosave config "streamName,nrec,nsec[;streamName,nrec,nsec]"
   -C: compression config "streamName,level[;streamName,level]"
   -B: basketsize config "streamName,size[;streamName,size]"
   -D: TCP_NODELAY flag
   -h: print this message

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