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Robert Hatcher.


This package provides code for handling GMINOS data that has been repackaged in REROOT classes. It is intended to ease the transition to an entirely native C++ simulation.

User Interface

The RerootToTruthModule generates standard MINOS offline records of the type SimSnarlRecords (intended to hold truth information) and fills them with pertinent information it extracts from the reroot record. Two key pieces of information are the StdHep array of particle information and the truth hits (energy depositions in physical volumes).

Database Access

Fills the temporary database table copies of the UgliGeometry from the data found in the reroot file.

Configuring & Running

The CheezyDisplayModule is a very simple module for generating CheezyDisplays which are very simple event displays. Generally it is recommended that users look elsewhere: Midad and EventDisplay.

The RerootToRawDataModule is obsolete and is superceded by modules in the PhotonTransport and DetSim packages.

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