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This package primarily provides containers (classes derived from RawDataBlock that encapsulate the data from the DAQ, DCS and beam monitoring systems. Individual blocks classes provide specialized unpacking methods tailored to their structure. This also includes a means of managing the evolution of the block structure as identified by a minor version id. Each block should also supply a specialized print method.

See also RawData Overview

User Interface

All RawDataBlocks provide a minimal interface: const Int_t* GetData() const; // as array of 32bit words Int_t GetSize() const; Int_t GetChecksum() const; Bool_t TestChecksum() const; RawBlockId GetBlockId() const;

Further interfaces can be found in the headers for individual block classes.

Additionally this package provides

Identifies individual electronics channels.
Unpacked, uncalibrated digitizations.
Specialized Record holding raw data blocks.

Database Access

Absolutely, positively none.

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