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This package provides tools for mapping the logical connection between elements of the detector above the physical level. Thus it is not concerned with the placement in 3-space, but the navigation from strips to pixel spots to electronic channels, and so forth.

See also Plex Overview

User Interface

The lightweight object PlexHandle is the general user interface to the package. These objects are created with a VldContext:- PlexHandle ph(vldc); The handles use the PlexLoanPool as a repository for shared information and are thus expected to be built on the stack (i.e. no new) and discarded as necessary in all but the tightest loops.

The package also a number of small classes for logical element identifiers: PlexPlaneId, PlexScintMdlId, PlexStripEndId, PlexMuxBoxId, PlexPixelSpotId, PlexPinDiodeId, PlexLedId.

Database Access

This package makes use of the following tables:
PlexPixelSpotToStripEnd Maps between individual spots on a pixel (fully specified) to the connected end of a scintillator strip.
PlexPixelToRawChannel Maps between a pixel (fully specified) to the electronics channel use to read it out.
PlexRawChannelReadoutType Identifies the readout type of special channels (e.g. FlashTrigPMT, odd CalDet eccentricities, ...)
PlexRawChannelToPinDiode Maps between the pin diodes and the electronics channels used to read it out.
PlexStripEndToLed Maps between the scintillator strip end and Flasher LED.
PlexPinDiodeToLed Maps between the pin diode and Flasher LED.
PlexVetoShieldMuxToMdl Stores the configuration of the veto shield. Plane/module plane view, coverage, F1 orientation.

Configuring & Running

The Plex package can be configured via the PlexLoanPool object. // PlexLoanPool is a CfgConfigurable PlexLoanPool* plpool = PlexLoanPool::Instance(); plpool->Set("..."); plpool->Set("..."); plpool->Update(); The following are configurable:-

The initial configuration of the PlexLoanPool can be set using the environmental variable ENV_PLEX which can contain a semi-colon separated list of configuration requests.

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