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Sue Kasahara.


The ParticleTransportSim package simulates particle transport through the detector geometry resulting in energy deposition hits. The simulation is performed using ROOT's Virtual Monte Carlo package as the interface to the concrete Monte Carlo simulation (Geant3,Geant4). The simulation runs as the job module PTSimModule as part of a loon job.


Input Objects

The PTSimModule receives as input a SimSnarlRecord containing the event initial state as retrieved from the record stdhep array.

Output Objects

The output of PTSimModule is energy deposition hits recorded as DigiScintHits in the SimSnarlRecord digihit array, and secondary particles generated during transport stored in the SimSnarlRecord stdhep array. The secondary particles stored in the output stdhep array are subject to a user configurable filter to reduce the number stored there to a manageable number.

Database Access


Configuring & Running

PTSimModule configuration options are described in the Offline User Manual.

Further Links

The ParticleTransportSim package is further described in the Monte Carlo chapter of the minossoft UserManual.

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