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Robert Hatcher.


This package contains the headers and code that overlaps the online and offline worlds.

The majority of the code in this package is directly copied from the online/DAQ CVS repository with a small number of additions or modifications. This package is also the source to the DAQ, DCS and beam montitor systems of the checksum routine used by raw data blocks and the C code interface to the rotorooter.

The top level includes various common DAQ headers; the mdBlockDefinitions.h header defines the major id and structure of DAQ blocks. This is extended by its inclusion into the rawBlockIds.h; this allows DCS and BeamMon ids to be managed without editing the file DAQ file.

There are also a few packages copied from the online/DAQ CVS:
msgLogLib The DAQ group replacement for syslog. This is needed by the Rotorooter and DatabaseUpdater packages.
kvplib The DAQ group Key-Value-Pair configuration string parser. This will be needed to parse the information in some raw data blocks.
configLib A package to parse the DAQ configuration files that are streamed into the data via the RawConfigFilesBlock.
this has not yet been committed

User Interface

None for headers. Ask DAQ group about

Database Access

Absolutely, positively none.

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