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The Navigation package a set of tools that have been developed to help navigate MINOS object structures. The tools allow the user to iterate over the members of a set or to navigate between two sets whose members are in an n:m relationship. The system is non-invasive, that is to say the iteration and navigation is done without modiying the sets in any way.

User Interface

The primary interface object is the XxxItr object where Xxx represents the name of the class of the objects in the set. This class inherits from NavItr as is impimented as a macro in the XxxItr.h header although the eventual aim is to template it. The XxxItr objects are connected to a NavSet which represents the set. It is this representation that can be sorted and selected. To do this a value, called a NavKey is assigned to each member of the set using an XxxKeyFunc class inheriting from a NavKeyFunc. The XxxKeyFunc is programmed either by using a binary function or by a functor.

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