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This package is really just a place holder to stick a GNUmakefile to create our main program "loon". The actual main() function is provided by JobControl's JobCMan.cxx file.

User Interface

The Loon package provides the "loon" executable. This is the main command line user interface to the MINOS offline software. It can be thought of as root (the program) + core minos libraries pre-linked. One typically runs it like:

loon file.C file.root

Use loon -h for brief listing of the availble options.

The file.C contains a "job macro" (CINT C++ script) which is responsible for loading additional libraries, setting up an analysis job path, configuring various things and determining run parameters (number of records to read, types of streams, etc).

The file.root contains raw or previously reconstructed MC or data. Depending on the exact file contents one may have to modify the "job macro".

Database Access

None directly.

Configuring & Running

The loon program has no configuration per se beyond its command line arguments. For a brief help on thse see the output of loon -h which at the time of writing produces:
loon -h
 usage: loon -bnq -H<modules> -x<file> -d<url> -u<user> -p<passwd> -t'<time>' -r[n] -o<filename> <filenames...>
  -b: Run in batch mode without graphics.
  -n: Do not execute logon and logoff macros.
  -q: Exit after processing command line macro files.
  -h: Print this friendly help message.
  -H: Print help for modules in list.
  -x: Specifies a Job Control Macro to load.
      Multiple instances of '-x' are allowed.
  -d: Supply database URL (replaces ENV_TSQL_URL)
  -u: Supply database user (replaces ENV_TSQL_USER)
  -p: Supply database password (replaces ENV_TSQL_PSWD)
  -t: Specify job time limit. Eg. -t'10 minutes'
  -r: Specify limit on number of records to process.
  -o: Set the name of the default output file.
  -v: Set JobC message verbosity [V,D,I,W,E,F].

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