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The GeoGeometry package provides classes for building the three detector geometries using ROOT's TGeoManager class and associated classes. A constructed geometry is manifested as a GeoGeometry object.

User Interface

A GeoGeometry object is not constructed directly, but rather is accessed/constructed through a lightweight proxy UgliGeomHandle object by validity. For example, to access a far detector geometry with the a realistic, non-perfect geometry corresponding to the current time:
  VldContext vldc(Detector::kFar,SimFlag::kData,VldTimeStamp());
  UgliGeomHandle geo(vldc);
GeoGeometry objects are maintained in the UgliLoanPool and retrieved or constructed according to VldContext as specified in the UgliGeomHandle argument.

Database Access

The GeoGeometry is built for each of the 3 detector types (CalDet,NearDet,FarDet) using a combination of:

Configuring & Running

GeoGeometry configuration options are described in the Offline User Manual.

Further Links

The GeoGeometry package is further described in the GeoGeometry chapter of the minossoft UserManual.

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