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Costas Andreopoulos.


Removes Light Injection (LI) leakages from Physics Reconstruction jobs.

Design - Static UML diagram

The recommended implementation of the LIPatternFinder interface (LIPatternFinderSimple) filters out a snarl if all of the following statements are true:


Input Objects

The concrete implementations of the LIPatternFinder interface operate upon the input CandDigitListHandle.
The CandDigitListHandle is passed to the pattern finding alforithm by the FilterLIModule's Ana() method which retrieves it from the (primary) Candidate Record that it gets from its input MomNavigator.

Output Objects

FilterLIModule is a filter. Returns JobCResult::kkFailed for snarls suspected to be light injection (LI) leakages, otherwise it returns JobCResult::kPassed.

Database Access

None if you only use the LIPatternFinderSimple implementation of the LIPatternFinder interface (recommended)

Configuring & Running

See FilterLI/test_filter.C

FilterLIModule module configuration
Parameter name Description Default Values Algorithm scope
NameListIn name of input digit list canddigitlist
NameListOut name of output digit list canddigitlist
LIFinderName pattern finding algorithm name SimpleLIFinder [or FancyLIFinder]
FractionalPulseHeightThreshold max allowed fraction of event charge in maximum charge bin in (pulser box, led) space > 0.80 FancyLIFinder
MaxEWAsymmetry max allowed |East-West| asymmetry
(in ADC counts)
4.E+5 SimpleLIFinder
MaxNDigits max allowed number of digits 1400 SimpleLIFinder
MaxCharge maximum allowed charge
(in ADC counts)
5.E+5 SimpleLIFinder
PulseHeightThreshold threshold (in ADC counts) applied in calculating the East-West asymmetry 200 SimpleLIFinder
HighActivityThreshold max allowed fraction of active planes in most active segment (area between two crate boundaries) 0.94 SimpleLIFinder
LowActivityThreshold min allowed fraction of active planes in 2nd most active segment 0.07 SimpleLIFinder

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