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Costas Andreopoulos. Original author: Roy Lee.


An algorithm for Filtering CandDigits from a CandDigitList The algorithm calculates the 4/5 trigger time and only includes the digits that have happen within a trigger window.


AlgFilterDigitListSR subclasses Algorithm, and the signature for the method that actually does the job is:
void AlgFilterDigitListSR::RunAlg(AlgConfig &ac, CandHandle &ch, CandContext &cx)

The AlgConfig and CandContext objects are the inputs. The CandHandle object is the output.

Input Objects

Output Objects

The CandHandle object is, essentially, a handle to the resulting (filtered) CandDigitList.

Database Access

The Filter Digit does not access the database.

Configuring & Running

The Algorithm obtains the following filtering parameters from its AlgConfig:

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