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This package can be used to generate ROOT-style automatic HTML documentation for the MINOS code.

However, this package is generally regarded as obsolete. Users should use the doxygen-generated docs instead.

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From README_DocBuilder.txt:
README for DocBuilder Package

Nathaniel Tagg (
Oxford University
March, 2001

This package will build the documentation for whatever other classes

CAVEAT: This package does not excuse coders from documenting their

How to use it when building your main (public) release:
Make sure that setup_minossoft_<myhost> has been sourced.

$ cd $MINOS_SOFT/minossoft/releases/development
$ gmake DocBuilder.bin
$ perl DocBuilder/ -public
<... long wait ...>

Voila! There now exists a complete directory tree in doc/html with
all of the source files for Minos compiled into html. It contains:

index.html -> is a symlink to index_of_packages.html

index_of_packages.html -> A list of all the packages the script
could find, along with any installed

index_Blah.html -> An index of all classes that were in the
Blah package directory tree. This file
also includes the inheritance diagrams!

ClassIndex.html -> An index of all classes available.

BlahClass.html -> Individual class.

blah.gif -> Any .gif or .png or .jpg files from
anywhere else are transcribed to the html
tree. (HINT HINT: document your classes!)

macros/blahmacro.C.html-> HTML-ized version of blahmacro.C

Options for use:
If you don't have write access to the main minossoft directory, just
lnkpkg or addpkg all the packages you want to be indexed in the
documentation, then run

$ perl DocBuilder/ -private

from your test directory. WARNING: this will only build documentation
for those packages that you have in your private test directory!
It does not consult the public directory. To get a complete build in
your private directory, you must do
lnkpkg <pkg>
for each package you want documented.

Note that the ROOT classes are by default all referred to at the
master web-page at CERN. If you have downloaded all the class
documentation onto your hard drive into $ROOTSYS/doc/html, then you
can have the pages refer to your local copy instead (i.e. the href
tags change from to

$ perl -public -laptop

By default, the script only creates pages that don't exist yet. To
force the documentation to be rebuilt completely, either delete the
doc/html folder, or use:

$ perl -public -force

The 'docbin' executable is created simply in order to
have a binary with all the minossoft libraries linked in. The macro
then loads _all_ shared libraries (i.e. all files)
dynamically at runtime. This should allow all classes

ROOT will report "corrupted file ..." warnings (and others). The
reasons for this are unknown, but do not appear to harm the results
and can be ignored.


Version history:
1.1 - first release
1.2 - minor bug fixes
1.3 - added dynamic libraries at runtime. Minor bug fixes.

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