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The Dispatcher handles the distribution of data from the online systems (DAQ & DCS) to the near-online client applications which need access to that data. The package consists of server & client side code. The server code is installedat the online sites. The client code allows the user to connect to the dispatcher from remote site, subscribe to data of interest, and receive data from the server through the client interface.

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User Interface

The dispatcher can be run as part of the loon job control framework or directly through the interface provided by the DDSClient class interface provided as part of the Dispatcher package.

Database Access


Configuring & Running

Running the dispatcher through the loon framework makes use of the IoInputModuleconfiguration options. An example is given here.
  JobC j;
  j.Input.Set("DDSServer=heplminos6.harvard.edu"); // dispatcher server host
  j.Input.Set("DDSPort=9090");  // default dispatcher server port is 9090
  j.Input.Set("Streams=DaqSnarl,DaqMonitor"); //default is DS,DM,LightInjection
  j.Input.Set("DDSKeepUpMode=All");  // default is FileKeepUp
  j.Input.Set("DDSDataSource=Daq");  // default is Daq
  j.Input.Set("DDSTimeOut=30");      // (seconds) default is 120 
  j.Input.Set("DDSMaxSyncDelay=15"); // (seconds) default is 15
  // Selection cut can be used to filter events on the server side. In this 
  // example, cut is used to select every 5th snarl from DaqSnarl stream
See the user manual for further description of the different options.

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