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DeMuxing (short for de-Multiplexing) attempts to undo the effects of multiplexing i.e. to match digitizations from channels back to individual strips. The process works primarily on the basis of individually matching U and V digits in charge and time although event pattern recognition is also used to help resolve ambiguities.


Input Objects

Raw Data CandDigitList

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To use DeMux you must load the DeMux library by adding:-
to your job script. The module you add to your path isn't part of DeMux but is instead DeMuxDigitListModule which is part of the CandDigit package. This module is is essentially a wrapper and its algorithm doesn't do the demuxing but instead runs another algorithm to do that and hence is configure by passing with both the algorithm that will be used and the way that algorithm will be configured. See that package for details on how to configure it to run a DeMux algorithm.

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