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This package does not provide a framework service. Instead it supports the standalone utility dbmjob. The primary function of this utility is to export database updates into an ASCII file and subsequently import them into another database and is the basic tool of our automated database distribution system DBMauto.

The utility can also:-

User Interface

Run dbmjob:-
and type help for help.

Database Access

As with the DatabaseInterface, DatabaseMaintenance can only access certain types of database table, those in which there is both a main table, holding the data itself, and an auxiliary validity table, whose name is formed by adding the suffix VLD to the table name, that contains the validity information.

Configuring & Running

There is no direct configuration of this package although, as it uses the DatabaseInterface, the ENV_TSQL_URL, ENV_TSQL_USER and ENV_TSQL_PSWD have to be defined. See Configuring & Running the DatabaseInterface

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