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The CalDetDST package was designed to create a TTree to hold many characteristics of CalDet beam events. There are three versions of the CalDetDST. The first, created by running the job module UberModule, contains derived event quantities, limited hit information, as well as the results of the Standard Reconstruction. The second, created by running the UberModuleLite job module was designed to provide quick feedback at the time of data taking. Trees created using UberModuleLite hold a subset of the data available in the UberModule tree variety. The final version, created by running the UberDST job module is no longer supported. The TTree that results from running UberModule is called ``snarltree'', and each row in snarltree contains a class called UberRecord. UberRecord derives from the standard offline ntuple class, and as such, each row in the tree is accompanied by a header called UberRecHeader. The methods that extract data from the header are listed in a table below. The beam momentum stored in the header class is read from the database table CALDETBEAMMOMENTUM, a supplemental database table that was created by hand; it is not obtained from the run comments. UberRecords hold another class called UberHit, which holds information specific to each of the hits in the event. The data stored in the UberHit and UberRecord are given in tables below.

Table: Methods of UberRecHeader
Return Type Method Description
Int_t GetRunNo Returns the RunNumber
Int_t GetSubRunNo Returns the Sub Run Number
time_t GetStartTime Returns the starting time of the sub run
Float_t GetTemperature Returns the temperature at start of run(deprecated)
Float_t GetBeamMomentum Returns the beam momentum

Table: Data in UberHit
Type Name Description
UShort_t plane plane number
UShort_t strip strip number
Int_t padc ADC on kPositive strip end
Int_t nadc ADC on kNegative strip end
Float_t psiglin linearized ADC on kPositive
Float_t nsiglin linearized ADC on kNegative
Float_t pnpe NPE on kPositive
Float_t nnpe NPE on kNegative
Float_t pmip MIP on kPositive
Float_t nmip MIP on kNegative
Float_t ptime time after first hit of event of hit on kPositive
Float_t ntime time after first hit of event of hit on kNegative
Int_t pagg aggregate plex number of kPositive end hit
Int_t nagg aggregate plex number of kNegative end hit
UInt_t pbckt number of buckets summed in positive side
UInt_t nbckt number of buckets summed in negative side

Table: Data in UberRecord.
*Due to conflicting conventions, cer[0] corresponds to the referenced by KovADC2 in CalDetSI, cer[1] corresponds to KovADC1, and cer[2] corresponds to KovADC3.
**See Standard Reconstruction Documentation for description.
Type Name Description
UInt_t snarlno snarl number
Int_t triggerword offline trigger word
Double_t triggertime Time(sec) of event WRT beginning of run
UInt_t nhits number of hits in the event
UShort_t nhitplanes number of planes hit
UShort_t nhitstrips number of strips hit
UShort_t ndeadplanes number of dead planes
UShort_t mindeadplaneno smallest plane no. dead (61-64, cosmic, 65-67 CER)
Float_t sigcorrconv conversion from sigcorr to MIPs
Float_t totmip total MIP in event (plane 0 not included)
Int_t maxadc max hit ADC
Float_t maxnpe max hit NPE
Float_t maxmip max hit MIP
Float_t maxtime time since beginning of event of last hit
Float_t p0totmip tot MIPs deposited in plane 0
Float_t p1totmip tot MIPs deposited in plane 1
UShort_t p0stripmaxmip strip in plane 0 with max MIP(summed)
Float_t p0maxmiptstamp time of hit in p0 with max MIP (one end)
UShort_t p1stripmaxmip strip in plane 1 with max MIP(summed)
Float_t p1maxmiptstamp time of hit in p1 with max MIP (one end)
Float_t mipweighaveplane plane*MIP/totmip
Float_t mipweighcentereven strip*MIP/totmip in even planes
Float_t mipweighcenterodd strip*MIP/totmip in odd planes
Float_t mipweighrad (strip-center)*MIP/totmip
UShort_t showermax plane of maximum ADC
Float_t mipshowermax MIP value in plane of shower max
Float_t totmipposeven MIPs summed over positive, even strip ends (no plane 0)
Float_t totmipposodd MIPs summed over positive, odd strip ends
Float_t totmipnegeven MIPs summed over negative, even strip ends (no plane 0)
Float_t totmipnegodd MIPs summed over negative, odd strip ends
Int_t ceradc[3] ADC from each CER*
Float_t certime[3] time-toftime of each CER
Int_t toftdc[3] TDC from each TOF Paddle
Int_t tofadc[3] ADC from each of the OEE
Float_t tofhittime[3] time-toftime of each OEE
Float_t toftime time of external trigger
NtpCalDetPID cpid PID Ntuple
Float_t summip[60] totmip summed over planes up to index
UInt_t nshw Number of showers found by SR
UInt_t ntrk number of tracks found by SR
NtpSRShower shw shower ntuple**
NtpSRTrack trk track ntuple**
TClonesArray *hitlist Array of UberHits


Input Objects

UberModule needs the following objects:

Output Objects

Produces a TTree output file

Database Access

No direct dependence, but objects needed to make the DST need the database.

Configuring & Running

No configuration parameters. See uber-all.C for an example job macro.

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