Errors: Program Start

/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map

MINFAST and ROOT use dynamic library loading, which means that code gets loaded at execution if it is needed. This has a couple of advantages:- However this does mean that the image file is incomplete and this can lead to the program start up error:-
 /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map library
There can be two reasons for this:-
  1. The library was moved or deleted after the program was built.
  2. The loader isn't looking in the right directories. When the program is linked it is possible to record where the loader should look. For example on Digital Unix:-
       SOFLAGS  := -rpath,$(MINFLIBPATH)
    the rpath option introduces a colon separated list of directories to be searched. So long as libraries are not being moved and the image is to be run with the same file store, recording the information in the image itself is best.

    The loader also uses the environmental variable:-

    that lists directories to be searched. So a loader problem could simply be that this variable is needed but is wrongly set. Consult your local software librarian.

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