Understanding Error Messages

In the days of FORTRAN code, the error messages generated by the compiler, the linker and during execution were generally not too difficult to understand. With the much richer C++ syntax, auto-generated class dictionary code, shared libraries and dynamic linking, it can be very hard to decipher some error messages. The purpose of this section is to collect together the common problems that people encounter. So if you hit a problem, take a look here.

Errors are classified according to what you were doing when the problem occurred:-

Other useful sources of information about errors are:- If all else fails. If things just don't work and you don't know why, try the following in this order,and after each step, see if the problem is fixed.:-
  1. Log out and in again. This will clean up your environment.

  2. If you have a Test Release
    1.   cvs update
      This will help if the interfaces have changed in the Base Release.

    2.   gmake clean

      In case SRT missed some dependency and failed to rebuild something it should have done.

Let me know if you get stuck on a problem not covered here - we may at least spare someone else the pain!

Contact: Nick West (n.west1@physics.oxford.ac.uk>)