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SRT: Software Release Tools
  • Simplifies Makefiles
    • SRT imposes rules on directory organisation. Knows how to build all components.
    • User Makefile typically only indicates what to build not how to build
  • Heterogeneous cluster
    • Binary incompatible platforms can share common code base
  • Base Releases
    • Full source and binary copy of the code. Normally shared across a site
    • Pointed to by $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT
    • Resolves the conflict: Lastest version (code changes daily) v. Stability
      • Current version - good for latest bug fixes and enhancements. SRT can update
      • Frozen (tagged) Release - good for production because stable. Can always recreate.
  • Test Releases
    • Partal source built on Base Release (Current or Frozen). Not normally shared
    • Pointed to by $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT
    • Resolves the conflict: Provate development of shared code
      • by copying only those parts that will be changed.
  • Debugging Aids
    • Optional printout of make variables and full build commands.

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