Before proceeding make sure you have carried out the video section of the tutorial preparation.

Pete Border and Bernie Becker have assembled the following videos that introduce ROOT examination and analysis of our data.

Please note, the videos were made with ROOT version 3.10. In ROOT version 4 the graphics interface to the graphical style has changed, although the functionality remains the same.

  1. Root 1 (11 mins, 30MB), available in AFS or WWW space. Features starting Root, starting a browser and looking at a histogram

  2. Root 2 (14 mins, 34MB), available in AFS or WWW space. More on the browser

  3. Root 3 (13 mins, 25MB), available in AFS or WWW space. Two-dimensional histograms and cuts

  4. Root 4 (19 mins, 21MB), available in AFS or WWW space. Using a script file

There is also a tutorial to accompany these videos.

See also Standard N-tuples and the video on using the event display.

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