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Running the Standard Job: LOON


loon [options] [macro.C] [file1.root file2.root ...]


shell> loon -h
 usage: loon -bnq -H -x -d -u -p -t'

Batch example, quit at end of macro:

loon -q $MINOS_TUTORIAL_MACROS/run_UserAnalysis.C $MINOS_TUTORIAL_DATA/F00018143_0000.cand.root

Event display example, don't quit, no batch (no "-qb"):

loon $MINOS_TUTORIAL_MACROS/simple_midad.C $MINOS_TUTORIAL_DATA/F00018143_0000.cand.root

Notes and Further References

Previously, there were two other programs, demojob and midad. These are now obsolete and should not be used. The midad one is gone and demojob may disappear in the future. See the section on running with libMidad for details on the event display.


Make sure that you have carried out the preparation steps.

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