First Steps: Starting and Stopping ROOT


Starting and stopping ROOT. Installation problems. ROOT Commands. Command line recall.

The Lesson

To start ROOT, all you need to type is:- root This should produce a banner rather reminiscent of the one produced by PAW and then wait for commands. If this does not happen the you need to check the ROOT installation.

Not to be too ambitious in the first session, type:-

.q which tells ROOT to quit. Don't omit the leading dot! ROOT should now exit.

You can type two sorts of input into ROOT, or any application, such as MINFAST, that is based on ROOT:-

ROOT uses the VMS/tcsh style command line recall. You can press up arrow repeatedly to scroll up to recall previous commands and then use the left and right arrows to position within the command before editing and re-issuing it.

The ROOT tutorial Starting an Interactive Session explains how it is possible to customise ROOT by editing a set of initialisation and termination script files in much the same way as the .cshrc file is used to customise a csh session.


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