First Steps: Introduction

This set of lessons provides you with a gentle, hands-on introduction to C++ and ROOT. It makes sense to learn both together as ROOT uses CINT (C++ Interpreter), which allows you type C++ directly at a command prompt and have it execute at once. This is a great way to learn C++ without having to mess about compiling and linking.

As with other parts of the MINOS Companion, these pages were written, not because there is no web documentation on this subject, but perversely, because there is too much! Its very easy to get lost, hence the need to collect all that is necessary into one place. However, the author has shamelessly grabbed material, particularly from the , ROOT Tutorials. Where appropriate, there are links to additional material beyond the Companion but these will be flagged with the , sign so be warned! Also, there are more links to ROOT documentation in the Introduction section of the The ROOT Crib.

Each lesson is divided into the following sections:-

So you can decide quickly whether to skip a lesson by looking at the Overview and Summary. Please note however, later lesson will assume knowledge gained in earlier ones.
Fermilab have a number of documents on getting started with ROOT and C++ at
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