Who is this crib for?

Cribs are for people who don't have time to learn a technology before applying it! This crib is designed as a shallow, demand drive reference document. That is to say:- So FORTRAN programming physicists can dip into it and take the absolute minimum to get a task done. The drawbacks of this approach are:- Hopefully though this approach will allow those new to OO to "learn on the job". Once the contents of this crib have been mastered the user is ready to read a proper introduction to C++

Using the Crib as a Reference

From the The C++ Crib Top Page, jump directly to the topic you want. The crib is divided into two sections:-

Using the Crib as a Manual

To read the crib from "cover to cover" just start from the The C++ Crib Top Page and click each link in turn, Having read it just go back; do not follow further links. As explained above, a great deal of repetition will be encountered, but it is the priced to paid for having a single document as a reference and as a manual. Besides, repetition is one way to learn!

External References

Eventually there should be a short list of recommended books. Currently all this is all we have:-
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