MINOS Batch Group

Known Software Problems

As with every software package their are known bugs and features present in the MINOSSOFT production releases. This page will try to chronicle these errors as they are reported. IF you think you have discovered a new problem please email the minos batch group.

Problems in Cedar
Problems in Birch

Known Cedar Problems

1. Track-like planes and track planes are being filled with the same value
2. CandChop was run incorrectly, The LIHighWindow was not actually set so LI events were not correctly chopped
3. VertexTime position was stored as a float, but a double is needed
4. CandFitTrackCam leaves certain strip index as -1
    John M. has provided a fix: AlgFitTrackCam.cxx version 1.43 on Nov 6th.
5. Kregg has found that  all shower candidates have dcosz > 0. This does not seem correct in the 'all' data 
6. evt.vtx.dcos(x,y,z) for cosmics. There is no code, Jim has requested a contribution. 
7. mc.vtx.x,y,z not being filled for cosmics.

Known Birch Problems

1. Missing SimSnarl Information: The SimSnarl record is in general supposed to be written out to the Cand Stream during MC reconstruction, this was lost during Birch and will be restored in Cedar. This was simply a script issue.
2. Missing MC Events: Filtering at the level of the Reroot and DetSim modules were removing events in the Far stream that produced no actual hits in the Far Detector. This required modification to MINOSSOFT as well as the reconstruction scripts. From a script side fixing this simply requires turning the filtering off for the Reroot and DetSim modules.
3. In Birch 2.0 (R1.18.4) processing there is a concern with the performance of the CandSubShower software. Shower clusters are loaded into a TSpectrum array and then returned to the program. However, the returned clusters are not always in the correct order. This can result in a shw.clu being assigned -1 and the following error being generated in the log file:
=E= NtpSR date time [run|snarl] NtpSRModule.cxx,v1.109:1277>
Shower CandSubShowerSR w/Uid 388952496 does not match any in cluster
list. shw clu entry will not be properly filled

If you find such an event you should consider it suspect and remove it from your event sample. Chris Smith is investigating this bug and intends a fix before Cedar. (added July 21, 2006)