MINOS Batch Group

Input for JobControl

JobControl's Input module is defined of type INPUT which causes it to map to the IoModule Packge. I note this because if you look at JobCInputModules functions most are not implimented and will not give you any useful information.

In general when using the production script the target file is passed to the script from the command line. For example:

loon -bq "reco_MC.C()" f21011070_0000.reroot.root
loon -bq "reco_spill.C()" F00031838_0004.mdaq.root

Accepting the arguement from the command line is buried in the structure of loon and JobC. There is no explicit mention of this file anywhere within the production scripts themselves. If you are going to load in the files from the command line please note that this will cause loon to try and verify the file type during loading - i.e. at the moment the JobC object is created. For more extensive discussion of the Input Module and other options (such as adding files inside the macro) please see the User Manual Entry. Files which are added using the AddFiles command are not available using an instance of the the JobCEnv class, but command line files will be.

The command line and AddFile both allow the Job Control scripts to be run over multiple files at a time. In many of the production scripts feeding in multiple files will run as normal and process the files in order. This will also result in the output from all submitted files being combined into a single output file (or more precisely a single candidate, single nutple, and single short ntuple group of files.

The production scripts run on either MC files or on actual data. The MC files are generated as reroot.root files and contain SimSnarl Records. The data files are mdaq.root files and are composed of DaqSnarl records. What input stream is to be read is specified in the production scripts with commands such as:

Special Running

You can also use the Input module to skip forward in a file:


will cause processing to begin at the 10th snarl in the event.